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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 12v hand
Came in 2 weeks. Connected module to the back of the radio and all works great! you can listen to CDs and changing the source, you can use bluetooth or aux cord (which is connected to module). I recommend!
Simply awesome for my Peugeot 407 (2007 - without navi, as in the attached picture, which was taken before the bluetooth box arrived). The sound quality is very very good, high volume, steering controls work perfectly and snappy (volume up/down, previous/next etc), and it can be hidden in the central column near the head unit, so no wires outside. I bought it exclusively for music, as i have a separate handsfree for calls, so i didn't try the included mic. When i unlock the car, the head unit immediately supplies power, my phone automatically connects before i get in and Deezer starts playing without lifting a finger. What can i say.. no more CDs, unlimited music wirelessly streamed in high quality. Highly recommended! Also great seller, made sure it works with my car before shipping by asking me some questions and to send some photos.