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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 13x6 tubuh gelombang renda depan wig
this wig is took 3 days to come so sof t and beautiful curls are perfect had it in for a month and no shreading don't have to do much to it bleached and plucked with baby hair like picture worth all the money seller kept me updated with delivery and I will forever be buying from this seller again love it !!
once again Always reliable wig. for the money u pay this wig can last month's. i always dye mine which does shorten the length of the wig but its worth it. EXCELLENT customer service FAST delivery. will post pics tomorrow
This wig is beautiful! Full, great body wave, no shedding, no tangling. The seller even called me once I received it to make sure everything was okay. This is the ONLY vendor I’ll ever buy a wig from