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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 1gang
The item was sent in proper packing. It looks very good. I need to check whether it is working or not later and give full feedback. It seems to look fine. let me check and get back
The item quality is good. The only problem the remote controll function. It is working but I have 5 switches and the remote controller always switch on 2 different switches if I’m use it. I tried to connect to Broadlink smart home device to control it via mobile phone but it was unsuccesful. This is the reason for 4 star.
High quality product. i make order for total of 200$ and got a free DHL Express delivery - it took only 1 week and i got my products. On top of that i got 6 extra adapters for free. VERY good seller, very good communication - highly recommended - i would buy again for sure.