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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 1k0 857
I did the installation myself. And changed the windshield locally. 95€ here and 310 for the windshield, 405 in total. Volkswagen asked me 1880€ for the same job... So I'm very happy!!! I just had problems with the fuse cables and the connection on the BCM. The fuse cables are good but they didn't fit on the back of the fuse box... I couldn't make a original install. So I had to tap them from the front. I'll make a more permanent connection with piggyback later. (the connections are: fuse n°17 for the sensor and n°8 for the mirror). The connection of the mirror cable was ok (n°28 brown plug and on n°6 for the yellow wire). For the sensor the seller wrote CC white plug, but it was n°33 on white plug. I figured it out on internet. I took me 4 hours to install and activate the sensor (+coming home/leaving home) via VCDS. Other than that, it was perfect. I recommend the seller without a doubt. Thank you once again.
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