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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2 bundle with closure
This hair was very soft and arrived in a timely manner. It was ordered on Wednesday and I received it first thing Monday. The shipper stayed in constant communication with me during the shipping process. So far there has been no shedding from the bundles.
So I ordered this hair Friday 7/19 and received hair today Monda 7/23...seller communication was amazing and the hair feels really soft. I will do a follow up after installation and another review in about two weeks. Thanks Friend !!!
Hair is gorgeous, never ordered 1b/613 hair before and I was quite shocked as to how the hair turned out to be. If you want to go blonde, I would definitely remcommend or even but a bright or pastel colour on top, go wild! Very pleased with purchase, will definitely order again soon. Thanks
Ruiyu never disappoint me... Thus was my second order and i will order here.... No matter what because the hair quality is tops... No shedding, the hair buddles and closures is thick, full and very soft Good communication from the seller.... I recommended all if south African business ladies all over the world
Very soft and lovely dark brown BEAUTIFUL hair. Can’t wait 2 put it in!! And .....I’m very happy with my gift!!!! A Haircap!!! So thoughtful and useable!!!....Very Happy...Lots of greeting from AMSTERDAM....Communication very good and kind.