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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 29er mountain bike
The mount works perfectly for Garmin devices (you can hear a "click" when it gets to the right position), and it's ok for Bryton too (the only thing is that it does not click). I think it can be mounted on every ordinary circular handlebar
I asked seller to put some extra protection of paper or smth alse and he said he will do it... but in a fact it wasn't any of it. I was little bit disappointed because the box got some dameges while transporting. But the main problem: manufacturer said that is only one joining point in rim... i have counted 6! ( Got upset a bit. We'll see how it will works Weight - 307 and 309 gr
Still amazed by the quality of the sellers service. Packaged perfectly, arrived in two weeks. Quality awesome. Gift stickers included. Seller put invoice(big like). Deserves 10 star! Recommend 100% this store! As a platinum member, this is the best order yet. It's been a pleasure of doing good buisness! Thank you!
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