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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 3 hdmi untuk rca
be careful when select order hard see in picture what you get i accidentally got old model not new pi 3 B+ dont make my mistake double check with buyer before hand.
Package arrived quite fast. Case and cable good quality, the motherboard is suffering from very bad support. The seller was trying to help me but I had a problem that the Ubuntu distribution was not recognizing the monitor... I was not sure if was a problem of the motherboard. It was enough to change to Armbian. Also, the OTG port is not working as USB... based on the feedback of the seller, it must be there only to power the mainboard... Tested with a wireless Logitech K400 Plus (wireless keyboard and mousepad in one device) and its working fine. At least, even with only 1 usb, I can use keyboard and mouse. => Dont install the Ubuntu distro from Orange Pi website because it's half in chinese and half in english! Better Armbian.
It is first time I have such a perfect buying experience on Aliexpress. Seller is very communicable, he help me to decide for right set. No problem with black case I asked. And for biggest surpise it came with Sandisk SD card 16 GB! I don't know, maybe it is seller's mistake, but... Big thanks to You ) On SD card is preinstalled Android. Packake and all boxes inside came in perfect condition(thanks to postman also). I am very satisfied, my recommendations for sure.
Slight misalignment with soldered AV socket made the plastic case hard to fit. Parcel was not packed well - no interior packing and the box was squashed, screws fell out, etc. A little more attention to detail when multiple items packed would be appreciated.