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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 32 bit dac
It's the best DAC,that I had. Super balanced, great detail. If you are looking for real music, then this is, what you need!!!Great seller, sent the same day.Thank you very much!
Purchased this unit to replace my spoil 6-year-old CambridgeAudio DacMacgic Plus. For my need i looking for a DAC which have, 1. XLR balance out for my pair of JBL LSR305 2. Optical input for my PS4. 3. USB connection to use in PC. 4. forgo the headphone amp function as i doesnt use or listen music with my headphone and IEMs anymore. Pro- Can play Dsd which my previous gear cant. Smaller form factor very well made casing with laser engraving logo and input/output indication Cons- Can only control volume using the remote. really hope it has a knob in front. Easy to control by remote, but what if the remote spoil :( On foobar2000 while switching between tracks, notice a distortion sound especially for DSD files. On foorbar2000 while playing songs, it seem i cant control the volume with my pc audio control panel or with foorbar2000 volume bar. Can only increase or lower using the SU8 remote. As per manual, this come with a 1 year warranty.
This product is very good. For such a price it will stay as a good investment and worth every cent you pay for it. Clear sound, total support of all codecs (with dedicated Volumio version). Best way to enjoy your digital music collection without breaking your bank. RCA connectors look a bit flimsy, so take care when connecting cables. No problems with this unit for a month now. Thank you!