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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 joystick
I am happy with the product & shipping. the order came with 5 more the what I ordered and 1 single random cap without a match. 59-Black, 38-White, 24-Blue, 21-Mix, 14-Yellow&Clear, 12-Green&Red, 10-Pink, 1-Black green ring. Overall I'm satisfied
Perfect. I got the package after 9 days from a date of order. Quality very good. Contact with seller very good. Only one difference from the original. Dots on analog are not in the shape of +, only x (photo). So eye of old xbox player see difference. But of course it's a small detail. Colour almost this same. Good work of producer. I recommend the seller and him products ;)
They work well, the only thing is that they are a little different in the potentiometer that is seen in the image of the publication. Everything was fine and the shipment arrived quickly.