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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4gb ddr2 ram
Ordered it on january 28th, sent on february 2nd, just arrived today, JUNE 12TH. I asked the seller to renew my protection once, before the three month protection we get ended. But then the extended protection ended, and because I wasn't here to see it, my order was automaticaly marked as received. I tried to contact the seller twice to no avail, then I opened a dispute, mainly so that they would finally pay attention. I was ok with waiting a bit longer, but I was mad about the ZERO FUCKS the seller apparently gave for my situation. My local post's website didn't have any data for the tracking number I had, so I had no way of knowing where my order was. Ali finally intervened this morning, offering me three more days of waiting. Order arrived in the afternoon. All I wanted was to extend my protection. Horrible comunication from the seller. Will definitely not buy again.