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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4gb mini pc
The product is really great ! I run PFSense on it with a 100MBps internet connection. Wifi is N it has a great performance. 4 Port is pretty awesome when you try to do something sofisticated.
The problem was that we had to pay ~50 euro VAT tax, even though the seller wrote 63 or something euro. I guess it's not seller's fault but customer in the NL.
PROS: fast pc(it boots in 4sec, installed Office package in 3min), windows 10Pro already activated, got everything as described, fast delivery DHL and nice package, good seller communication, CONS: de ROM was splitted in 4 hard disks
Great product and excellent price/performance. I use this with OPNsense in the Netherlands. Had to pay a bit of duty costs and VAT, but not much. I really recommend this product.
Cpu is fast and fan is quite but the windows is pirated not licensed as it mentions all over, the top cover is loose so i had to use a rubber band to keep it in place, will recommend for light user