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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 6gb laptop
A honest Seller, Excellent and quality product. Good Price, The cheapest store , Very fast shipping and delivery, Very well service and availability. Hope success and development to seller. I recommend everyone buy from him.
Hello Ali express and seller, First of all I would like to say big thanks to you, Am very much happy to get this SSD for my desktop, but shipping am not at all feel good and I can't say very fast my suggestion is instead of government registered post please use private post DHL like that to India at minimal cost like or amazon and flip kart and ebay how they are shipping very fast with in 24 hours, I know 24 hrs is not possible but try to make it as 7 to 15 days waiting time for buyers with minimal shipping charges like $2 or $4 is acceptable and moreover if Ali express is implemented this one then you are worldwide number one online shopping, how price wise most of products in Ali express when compared to amazon and flip kart and ebay very less $50 USD in AliExpress so people choice will be always first one is cost free shipping and low price when compared to others, RATING BELOW ALIEXPRESS ***** SELLER ***** KINGSPEC ***** SPEED ***** will post a separate SHIPPING TO INDIA ****