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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 84 key keyboard
This is a fantastic 75% board with easy programmability out of the box using bootmapper client. The extra mounting holes on the PCB make it compatible with a lot of different cases (YMD75, KBD75, XD84). One thing that I don't see mentioned is that the in-switch LED for the caps lock key is used for the caps lock indicator. Be sure to add a LED to the caps lock key if you want to utilize the indicator. This board is very similar to the so it's possible to run QMK on it using the bmini configruation in QMK. You'll only need to swap KE0 with K87 in the bmini keymap to get PG_DN to work. After building QMK the board can be put into bootloader mode for flashing with bootloadHID or HIDBootFlash by holding down LCTRL while plugging it in.
Excellent PCB. I’ve ported this to QMK and code is on github now, working perfectly with backlight and rgb :-) I built mine with a laser-cut plastic plate and cherry-clears. Sounds like an old BBC Micro!
The product description did not have the correct dimensions of the bag because a slightly modified size was newly being delivered. The seller was very prompt and helpful with the resolution of this however, and has since updated the description to correct the slight change.
Some of the best packaging I've seen. Everything arrived in tip top shape. It's a shame my KBD75 had to be sent back due to various issues, otherwise I would've done a typing test with these things. A steal for $36!