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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for a brooch with stones
Beautiful! I love this pin so much. It’s so cute. The only thing is that the aquamarine stone wasn’t cut that well. The polish has slid marks on it. But they aren’t perceptible unless you look at it closely. I like that it has the right brand on it, and that the catch has a safety lock.
Very unusual and lovely flower arrangement brooch measures nearly 2 inches across. Brooch features a locking pinback Very well done - with no missing stones. Shipped promptly and the entire (pretty large) order made it here in just 2 packages. Very pleased with this purchase.
this is a great pin! It was shipped almost immediately and got here fast and safe. It was packed in plastic bag and bubble wrap envelope. Order was placed April 15th, and on May 4th I already got it in the mail. Very shiny and sparkly, exactly like the picture. I'll be using it as my hat pin for windy days.