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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for a small printer
Good fan with long cables and heat shrink tubes for the provided end cable with connector. Runs quiet and seems to have the same air flow as my other 30x30 fans.
Great fan! I compared this to a Sunon MF50151VX-A99. The sunon has a better performance but is also louder. The main difference is, that the Sunon can work with PWM on my 3D printer to decrease the speed.. but it also is 7x more expensive. For 'normal use' I can recommend this fan and seller! Good quality for the price!
This stuff looks very promising, I haven't put it on yet because I'm in the middle of a long print but it feels so much nicer than other timing belts, It appears to have a 4 lines of 3 core steel running through the length and very little stretch. I'm hoping this will reduce ghosting, will update later with details.
I give 4 star rating because you did not follow my shipping instruction. I told you to declare the exact amount in proforma invoice but you did not so I was investigated by our customs bureau.