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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for akses
The shipment was fast. I have ordered a power supply + wireless remote control system + metal stainless switch to use with my current strike lock. The quality of the items is very good. Everything looks and feels robust. When I connected everything up the first time, strike lock did not work properly (reversed), but after contacting the seller, who responded very fast btw, he explained how I should connect it properly. And it works beautifully. I have tested the remote control at home, the range is good - very good. I would definitly recommend the products. I have included some pictures of the setup, don't mind the wiring/colors, this is just a test setup.
I have yet to test the item - but it seems to be exactly as advertised. Item arrived in 14 working days (the shortest advertised delivery time) and was very well packaged.
This is a real GEM. Looks great. Good case, good mounting bracket, and very solid touch keypad. I have the 13.56MHz version to match other systems already in place. Looking forward to see how it survives Irish weather, but it looks as if it is properly weatherproofed. Full range of connections including all three connections to relay (Comm/NO/NC) so it can be used to switch whatever you wish. Also provides data port for adding additional RFID readers. Very happy with this.
Pretty easy to install and initiate the pc software. However would be easier if there were instructions (for the operation and specific functions of the software, not the install and handshake with the RTU unit which is available). Functions as described.