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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for aksesori gitar akustik
I NEVER waited for almost four MONTHS to receive an order through ANY store on Aliezpress, until now. I thought that I was NOT going to get them. I actually ordered the same parts, from another store, and received then 2 weeks before this order came in. Very unprofessional! The seller actually asked me "What's the problem? I don't know- You tell me WHY it took almost 4 MONTHS to get my order. Terrible. I will NEVER order anything from this store again! I have cancelled the Dispute, after receiving my parts. I wish you store the best of luck- you're going to need it! I will continue to support Aliexpress, but not this store,
I'm really excited with your kit for guitar. It's hard for anyone and need better picks. I'll put pictures of picks and a phenomenal bag case. It's really not expensive and it's very good.