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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ali grace hair
got the on saturday it came a day before shipping time. i ordered this hair before but deep wave and i must say i like straight better. i dyes it with brown highlights it took the dye very well but when i washed it , it turned into body wave in a way lol but nothing a flat iron can’t fix. once installed i will add more info
I will come back if the hair changes but right now I love it. It’s soft AF and never sheds. I was so nervous but it surpassed my expectations. It’s only the beginning though so we’ll see if it holds up.
Hair was very nice and full just as described!! i used my hair to make a deep wave wig it came out very nice i will post pictures later once i install it.
So far very good Hair arrived in about 4 days. It is beautiful and full bundles! THE sender stayed in contact w me from the order until the delivery which i was very pleased with. I will do full detailed review once the hair is installed! see u soon! Will order again!!!
Not as curly as the bundles after a while but I used my rods n it’s as beautiful as first , I’m very pleased with my orders, buy it u won’t regret.