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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for aluminum usb mini keyboard
Really good keyboard, I'm just a liitle disappointed because pads on my keyboard are not at the same height. A little noisy but it's normal for a mechanical keyboard. So for this price go !
They were amazing, they originally shipped me a case with a faulty foot. I sent them a message and they quickly shipped off a new case foot with a few extras screws to boot. Great service, I would recommend them, and will purchase from them again.
Took over a month to get to Canada and the tracking number never worked. I ended up buying a numpad from another vendor (which got from China to Canada in less than 2 weeks). Otherwise I'm satisfied with the product.
Very nice case. Finish on the aluminium is flawless. Feels very solid. Updated version has extra stability for the plate with the addition of two screws on left and right side. The screen printed logo on opaque white bottom panel looks really great. Very happy. The shop processed the order right away and the delivery was very fast. Communication was great - updates were received throughout the process. Great shop to buy from.
The quality of this case is really good. The only thing that could be improved are the screw holes since the screws are a bit hard to screw in, but other than that, the cuts are perfect, the paint job looks really nice too, it doesn't rattle or anything like that, feels pretty solid. Good job! All the switch holes have 4 small cuts on the sides so you can even open plate mounted switches after soldiering them to the PCB. I'm glad I can recommend this store to everyone, their customer service are really nice and helpful people. I noticed one of the switch holes in my case wasn't completely cut, I asked them how to fix it, but I didn't have to worry about that, they just sent me a new plate ASAP, so I could replace it with a new, perfectly cut one. Definitely my favorite store on AliExpress.