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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for anime cosplay vocaloid
ive had my len version for about a year now and am still very happy with it. several friends and i had decided to do a senbonzakura group. the costume fit my boyfriend perfectly. hes very tall and skinny so he needed specific measurements (6'3" and 150ish? lbs) they did a wonderful job, the cosplay arrived on time, and our group turned out fantastic!
The outfit arrived really fast! The whole package came with not only the outfit and arm sleeves but the hair decorations and socks. The cosplay fits me and is a little loose in some places but that's an easy fix. Everything looks exactly like the pictures shown in the description. The only flaw was that towards the top of the shirt, it's a little uneven but ita not real noticeable. Overall I love it and would buy here again.