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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for anime pant
great. ordered 25th of may. arrived 5th of june. pouches are way better quality than other seller KidsParty. you can wash them in the washing machine in a laundry bag at 30°C max. thanks a lot.
Fit perfectly. Use the size chart, it will be accurate. Material is nice and doesn’t seem cheap. Highly highly recommend !! I rolled the pants up for iida, but the length is perfect. Shirt zips easily and is comfortable!! @theghost.cos on insta btw ;)
It’s beautiful! The buttons are a little loose but that’s nothing I can’t fix! The jacket is amazing and super comfy! The ring is super beautiful and fits great! I trimmed and styled the wig, it’s a little thin I’m not worried about it! Over all a great purchase!
Nice thick material. Unfortunately my butt is a bit too big for the XL size pants. The top is perfect and I am going to wear it as a shirt :) took a month to arrive
Very satisfied it came early!!!! Hair very soft. Have to get it taken in because it was for a 4 year old . I actually was able to fit it im in a women's 5 in us. Also had to trim the hair because it over took him but it didnt take away from the quality. Highly recommended. Now my 8 year old wants one, im sure it'll fit a 8 year old perfectly. The fish hook he fell inlove with but it only sings a moana song which i thought was pointless but whatever he loves it !!!!! Thank u thank u thank u for making my son's 4th bday a blast!!!
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