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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for are fan
Good fan. pretty quiet. I ordered this because the "Happy Air" brand fan I bought made way too much noise. This fan only makes half as much noise, so I'm happy. Remember that if you have a Wanhao brand 3D printer the fan plug is wired backwards, so you'll need to switch the plug before using this fan. It only takes a minute to de-solder the wires, switch them around, and solder them in again, so it is very easy to do.
The parcel arrived fast but not very safely. Carton box was badly crumpled, luckily nothing was damaged. The quality of the foam gun, as it seems, is quite good – body materials are durable and heavy. All in all, it is a good deal to purchase this item. Thank You!
This thing works great on my kranzle 2160ts. Although I added quick disconnect myself. Another thing I would recommend switch to 1.1mm orifice available along for thicker foam. Below are the images. Rest good seller fastly shipped and recieved.