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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for auto mesin kopi
Very fast delivery. Quite happy, switch is a little different. Center screw that "secures" the blade or something like that loosens easily. Not completely sure how durable this grinder will be.
order received wasn't carefully packed but no damage to the product. small but very fast and perfect grinding only grinding bowl is stainless steel,the rest of the body is made of plastic. the push button has no black cover like shown in the pictures. arrived very fast, order placed on 28 March received on 9th April thank you seller store recommend
1. The product shipped quickly and arrived safely, the packaging was good. 2. The machine is heavy and solid, there are some rough edges at the metal parts and the spiral cable that goes into the motor case should be fastened better, the inner wires were coming out, I had to secure the cable myself. 3. Grinding works very well, even hard Szechuan pepper can be ground very fine. The timer is not easy to adjust for short times like 20 seconds. Grinding is quite loud. 4. The machine came with some accessories: a metal sieve, useful; a brush to clean out, this loses hairs, they should give a better one; a bag of spare parts: two sets of coal brushes, a key to loosen the knife, and two each of the big and the small propeller used to swirl around the stuff you're grinding, but strangely no spare knife, the one beneath the propellers. 5. The manual is Chinese only, but Google translate works. You also get Chinese health recipes. 6. Overall, I'm satisfied, but some things could be improved.