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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for back beamer
It's very nice! Easy to use, convenient to control through Eshare app with cellphone. Brightly enough, clearly enough. You can watch a lot of programs and movies directly through it by downloading apps. You can also project the screen of your phone and pad through it. Just the tripod comes with it is too small, can't stand on bed, you can only put it on hard flat planes, so I use my own. And the airplay app with it didn't worked well for my ipad, I downloaded another similar app by myself, and it can work well now. After all I recommend this mini projector, no doubt you will enjoy it!
Good image quality even in the light room, small size, a bit noisy (as was mentioned in the description) but fine if you watch a movie or play XBOX with an external speaker. AirMouse remote control works like a charm. Android version is 6.0 which is also very good. HDMI video source works well (tested with XBOX 360). Integrated speakers have decent sound quality and are loud enough for an apartment but I'd prefer to use external BT stereo system. Comparing to Xgimi Z3+ (Touyinger G3) I like this more much more Cons: it seems that some parts of the screen far from the center are out of focus and not clear (text is less readable). I will try to adjust the lens focus a bit to get rid of it but doubt it's possible
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