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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for backpack bopai
I was skeptical of whether the quality will be as shown in the pictures. After seeing other people posts and pictures I was encouraged. Great quality for price. The bag is versatile and comfortable when wearing. Most important, it's elegant and can be worn/carried while matching my daily formal attire.
Nice backpack, looks good and is bigger than expected. Side pockets are hard to open but will fit a 500ml water bottle or a standard ThinkPad power brick. 15 inch laptop fits with room to spare.
Looks great, very satisfied with this product. Very fast delivery and quality packaging. The only minus the backpack has is that the size regulation doesn't fixate properly. I would recommend this seller.
Very happy with this. Impressive quality and functionality, everything shown works as described. It can be a struggle to get a laptop out of the inside pocket If the backpack is full. But the smart thing is that the laptop can instead be put in the large pocket in the back (where the shoulder strops is supposed to be put) of the backpack for easy access.