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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tas ransel fashion wanita
Extremely fast delivery to India. Very light (a little over 500 GMs). Compact. Holds 13” MacBook Pro retina, iPad Air2, power bank, mobile phone and a lot more like compact camera, books/ T shirt. Nice cross bag. Recommend for those with 13” or smaller laptop. Thank you Kingson
I highly recommend this product. the seller is very polite and very respectful. Also AliExpress carefully chooses the products that are most beautiful for all of us. we are all very lucky. we could even more lucky with this bag. very affordable in terms of price and performance. You should buy it. This bag made my life easier. I needed such a bag in school and on the walk, and now I have it and I am very happy. I will order again for my friends. Everybody asks me where I got this bag. It is very obvious that it is good quality bag. Thank you seller and thank you store. You made me the luckiest girl ever. ❤️
I'm using the backpack just for a couple of days, and the material quality is really good. It fits perfect at my back, and size exactly how informed. Pros: material quality, design, comfortable, light. Cons: zipper size of the smaller pocket could be bigger.
A lovely backpack, proved even more than I expected. Fully consistent with the description, really this Kingsons model KS3143W only at a price much lower than ours. The seller quickly sends the goods, willing to communicate with customers.