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It arrived very quickly. The item is very useful. The magnetic field is strong enough to avoid accidents (You should apply extra effort to detach the case from wallet). Just one point was a disappointment for me: One of the photos showed that it had extra place for cash under the card places but it is sewed tightly. I don't like putting coins and cash in same place not to have them wrinkled. Although I still have many places to put the cash in, besides cards. Thank you!
I'm very satisfied, because my parcel arrived fast in one mounth and one day :D My Phone Case is in perfect condition byt it has one little defect. In heart-shaped hourglass appeard one air bubble, so glitter can't "fall dawn". From the other hand I think this is some advantage but I have to write about it :D I'm very thankful for my Case :D
I'm very satisfied :D My parcel arrived in one mounth and one day :D I think this is fast, I'm very happy that my Phone Case is in perfect condition :D I'm very thankful for this :D
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