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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tas untuk wanita
Very cute! the bag has alot of pockets and zippers and is of a small-medium size. It has a pretty heavy scent initially, as these things tend to, but that dissipated after a night in the open air.
The product exact like on the picture, the color is the same, too bad that holders are not PU, but I saw it too late when I ordered. But no regrets the bag is awesome!
Hi. I have received the item I bought today in good condition and perfect I am very satisfied Thank You So Much My Lovely Seller Excellent service by seller Good product quality Good value for money Good Packaging Fast delivery I give her/him 5Star
It took about a week to ship it out but then to my surprise I received it one day after it was shipped out! Unbelievable! The fastest I've ever received anything from AliExpress!!