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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bag luxuri
These bags are totally adorable and beautiful! At first, I thought it won’t sparkle and glitter just on the pictures, but it does! Thanks for the fast shipment and for being in touch with me during the waiting time! :-) I’m satisfied with Lovebook, with the seller, and I love the bags!!! I got it today morning, and I’m gonna go to the town with it tonight :) Best!!!!
I liked it very much. I picked it for a long time before I bought it in this shop. I believe I will come to shop in the future, thanks to the store....
Beige colour is more pearl. Those gold details not for me unfortunatelly, but my sister love it. 3 weeks for Lithuania. Bag have some small unpleasant smell, but I hope after few hours outside it will be ok.
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