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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bagpack kanvas vintage
So the bag took around 25 days to come. I was really looking forward to it and i am using it ever since. The bag is great and it looks exactly as on the picture. Inside there are two compartmentns on the front inner side of the back pack, that I used for my glasses and deodorant. Than there is larger compartment on the back inner side that serves for notebook. It is not so solid as i would prefer but i dont use it for notebook anyway so it is not problem for me. From the outside there are 5 pockets: two on the both sides and three of the front. From those the botom one could be used for the bottle (max 0.5l). The second is hidden behond the third and is accesaible by the zipper from both sides. The only thing that is not so good is, that the backpack doesn’t have back suppost or reinforced back so it will crumple on your back a little. But after all it is worth every dollar. The back pack is original and for every day use is great. Thank you seller.
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