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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for biquine wire
My size in NL is S for top and M for bottom, so i asked for an M top and L for bottom. The seller said it was possible! You have to pay a little bit extra for mixed sizes, but thats ok. My set fits perfectly now.
This suit is loved by many. I wanted a 2 piece that I was comfortable in and that covered everything that needed to be covered. The tank seems a little big to me but it's comfortable and covers any flaws I have. I like it! Good value and a nice fitting suit.
I am very happy with this swimsuit. I am also very happy with the service of the store. The swimsuit is absolutely adorable, and the straps are adjustable and it doesn't cut into my hips. I had a small problem with the sizing, and the store was very generous and fixed my problem quickly. I highly recommend this store and this swimsuit specifically!