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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for black brooch vintage
Lovely brooch with marcasite look. substantial without being too terribly heavy. shipped very quickly and vendor puts attention to detail on multi-item packages. nothing missing and no incorrect items ! very pleased with both merchandise and vendor. would buy from again.
That vintage marcasite look ❤. The only thing better than marcasite, is marcasite that arrives in ONE week !!! actually 6 business days is how quickly the order arrived in the US. Order shipped China Post, boxed not bagged, and perfectly packed ! This brooch is a best seller. It measures appx 2 inches across x 2.5 inches high and has a locking pinback. No missing stones. Probably best with medium to heavy weight fabrics as its a weighty piece. Very good value for the price. Did I mention it came in a week? Very pleased with this vendor in service, quality and price point. will buy from again