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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blank keyboard keys
Keycaps delivered were exactly the same profile as ordered (Blank, Cherry profile) . Posted quickly with good updates along the way. Pros: The colours are really really nice. A + Stems are nice and tight. Cons: The stems aren't all molded perfectly. Many keys have a slight twist. Quality is as expected for the price - They're not perfect, but they're worth the price. I would buy these again. : )
Due to delivery issues my package arrived a bit later and I think the package got wedged inbetween something becasue there are a ton of scuff marks on the keycaps. Also one stem broke off. I contacted Laura and she responded super quickly. Really nice and fast answers. Really great store to order from ! cheers!
The key caps were as expected, I do like their feel, and I've used them to replace a few keys as shown in the pictures. They are easy to pop on/off, sometimes a little too easy but with so many keys available it's not hard to find the exact ones you want to use.
impressive look. this one thicker than original. but quality normal ,no snaplock like original keycap ,this problem lead to poor alignment at long shift key(in picture) when you push one side hard, another pull back...for me it acceptable because I type not so hard
If your looking or a nice set of blank pbt keys these are great. They only lost a star as some keys are slightly shallow, the UK enter key I received didn't really sit as flush with the rather keys as I would have liked. Still really loving the look and feel my keyboard looks great. Also it came a little faster than expected and in good condition, its well spaced packaging with bubble wrap.