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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blazer untuk wanita
The clothes is very nice and well made, I love the jacket, it's a good cut on me even if it's tight in the upper arms, I just really like the look of it. The pants are good too in make and design, simple button and zipper system with an elastic kind of waistband. The only issue I personally experienced was that this is a very fitted cut. I actually didn't think I could get the pants on but I liked them so much I somehow got them on, they are the right length and everything but the width of my calves and thighs are just a bit too much right now. I can with great effort get into the pants but my mobility becomes limited. It is my hope that with a wash or two and some wear the pants will break down a bit so I can have a greater range of motion. Now this is a great jacket and the pants are nice too but if you have big bones like me take care and consideration with that. Also, I love the hair tie that was sent with it.
As described. My measurements are 84/68/95 and this fits true to size. The length of the sleeves and pants are a little bit short (170cm height). The pants are sewn poorly on the inseam. You can see they are baggy in the crotch. The back pockets on the pants are fake, but the jacket pockets are real. Ok for the price. Arrived in Canada in 18 days.
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