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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blind venetian
SO happy with these blinds now. They are made to exactly the right size and look great hanging in my windows. Great purchase. Will recommend and will re-order for other windows I am sure. Thank you for making them for us
Good quality product, easy to install. Paid on Apr 3, shipped on Apr 13, arrived in Canada on Apr 19. Shipped via UPS Expedited. Ordered 6 blinds (2 wide, 4 narrow), paid about $25 in duties on top of total cost of blinds. Would buy again from this seller.
Great service, can't say enough about these guys. Saved thousands of dollars compared to Canadian prices. Installation was inside frame required 2 screws per blind. Measurements were exact - internal mounting requires a 1cm gap on each side. External would be full black out. Material chosen was GH03-007 and they look beautiful!!!! Bravo! They used dooya dm25 with battery and ac plug and 15 channel remotes. P.S. No chemical smell from the material.