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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for blue torch lumens
First time to receive an item right at my doorstep. Saved me time going to the post office. The product is ok in terms of build quality; it could use a firefly mode as the low mode is still too bright for reading. A lock-out mode would be useful aa the side switch is easily activated while in the pocket. Tail magnet is strong. The gold color is beautiful too.
The flashlight is small and compact. The build quality is great! The reflector is aluminium, glass lens , o ring, thread is perfect , nice color anodization . It uses a chinese Lattice Bright XM- L LED that has 3 modes high 1A, low 0.3A and strobe. Overall It is a great flashlight for the money it offers a small form factor and super bright.Of course, It is not as good as the better Chinese made flashlight like Jetbeam and Nitecore .