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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bluetooth mpow
Great headphones. Much better quality than Apple's Dr Dre 3 wireless. I had two Dr Dre headphones which self destroyed in a year. the Mpows are still going strong after a year and I've just bought a few more pairs for the rest of my family. I just love them. This seller shipped them quickly and they arrived in record time.
Sits nicely. sometimes I'm worried I lost it, completely don't feel it, very lightweight. Really good connection and call quality (which was important for me ) microphone is very goooood. overall a major improvement over my previous Mpow cheetah and Mpow antelope. highly recommended. Music is also clearer. for their price u can't get anything remotely as good. 10/10 would buy again and it's my 3rd MPow headset!
It arrived before i expected. It has superb battery. Noise isolation could be better for both coming in and going out sounds. Very very good for that price. Thanks to seller for nice and fast shipping