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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for board surround
The amplifier is very good quality. Absolutely no noise! Very little Total Harmonic Distortion, so the sound is very clear. Seller is very honest and communicable. Strongly recommend this GHXAMP Store. I am going to buy some more things from this store. Thanks for the Seller.
Excelent Amplifier. Looks exactly like in the picture. Tested it, works perfectly, does exactly what it's suppoed to do. Now all I have to do is find a clean enough power supply. Normal transformers tend to HUM a lot. My best bet is with a 12V switching power supply.
Very interesting, my board is revision 2.2 and is different from the picture. Stereo amp is CS8575S with 2x3.2W at 4Ohm and 5V power supply. Sub amp is CS8509 with 2.65W at 4Uhm and 5V power supply. Revision 2.2 board is with micro-usb connector and input capacitator. Have to test it how it sounds.