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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for papan
I ordered 2 PCB: 2 layer and 4 layer. Silkscreen's quality is too bad on both of them. Maybe I drew too thin lines on silkscreen layer and it's my mistake, but maybe not. I will discuss it with seller.
Ordered April 23, recieved May 1 (Netherlands). This was my second order here and yet again I am very satisfied! The products are in good condition, well packaged and arrived very fast. Will definitly order here again!
Some items give only white light for all LEDs. Other works properly. Connection scheme and testing software are the same. I'm planning to order this LED-modules again. Could you please next time send it with 4 soldered male pins?
Everything works well. Did a router based on the following firmware for the Xiaomi Zigbee network. hxxp:// /cc2530-based-zigbee-coordinator-and-router-112/ Just one note: this board is really small and does not have dedicated pins for the debug interface. But all necessary pins exist on headers. I've made a temporary layout on a breadboard.