Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for papan
Works very well, never had any problem with connecting. Very good range and sound quality is superbe. As others mentioned before you can have a ground loop which causes noise, nothing to do with the design, it also happens with my phone connected trough the headphone jack. Just buy an insulated DC-DC converter and the noise in gone. I received version 1.6 which had 3 labels on the back: Phone, Voice and Language. Closing the connection with solder changed the language to English. closing the Phone connections stops all call related operations, music streaming still works. Voice was soldered on my board, removing the connection, a woman started talking to indicate the status: "Connected" and others. I use this in my car and I'm extremely happy, i soldered voice and language and left the phone connection open.
Because it is used almost for experimental purposes, it is cheap and saved. In short, it would have been better if the size of the hole at the end of the mounting was the standard of the hole of the spacer.
Actually I received the product product in little damaged conditions. But I know this may not be the fault by seller. this damage occur during transport. So, I can't blame seller. Seller is good and I will surely go again to buy more from this seller.