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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for body bundle with closure
Seller is great friendly and shipping came really fast. The frontal is great and didn’t even have to pluck it much check out my YouTube channel: Onecurly Head for the review of this hair
The hair is comes just like it shows in the pictures. Very soft, no smell. I’ve ordered from this vendor before and I haven’t been let down yet! I will post pictures when I get the bundles installed !
I ordered an 18 20 and 22 and a 16 closure I’ve been getting so many compliments. I been shopping with Ali Julia for a while and they always do a good job got my hair within 3 days just in time! I’m gonna dye this hair tho.
I love this hair! The hair is super soft, holds a curl extremely well, and there is little to no shedding. The seller was also great and responded to my questions quickly and efficiently. I’ll definitely be purchasing this hair again soon!
Everything about my order was perfect. I’ve ordered from Ali Annabelle before and both times my hair was perfect. They included a makeup sponge which was very nice. The hair is the perfect length I was looking for and the body wave looks great. I’ll post pictures after I install the hair as well.