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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for bra and underwear
M size fits perfectly for 85 cm over bust, 75 cm under bust, 72 cm waist, 92 hips. The straps around breasts are flexible and stretchy, This is good. Very sexy.
Took 75b. Good quality and bra fit, looks great. However the panties of M size that come along are significantly smaller, more like XS or S, keep in mind non stretching satin, which is not a problem if u are not too curvy at the bottom. The seller is very communicative and helpful. I Also got a little cute gift coming together with order, very lovely.
I absolutely love this set especially because the cup interior is 100% cotton!! It arrived in 5 weeks here in Romania but the sizing was way off. I ordered a 75A with M bottom but the panties are a little bigger and the top is very small for the circumference. I would go a size up with the top if I were to order again. Oh, and I loved the care they put into the packaging also adding an extra cute bracelet!
This product is beautiful and very great quality. Honestly, I wasn't expecting this. I am more than satisfied with this. The size is perfect and it is so feminine and beautiful. The lace is beautiful too. Love it