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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cup bra f
I found the cup size too small-- i ordered a 32F. It is a shame it doesn't come in any larger cup sizes because it seems it is a well made bra. Nice and firm at the back-- and wide, which is very comfortable. The nude colour is very pretty.
Cup size is true, but the underbust measurement is small. Here it is compared to my 34F/75F, as you can see, the largest setting is the same as the smallest setting on my red bra. So I would recommend ordering up a size.
This is my second purchase of this bra from this shop. I was so happy with my first one I had to get a second in a different colour. This white one is really bright and beatuiful! Great fit, as before. I am so happy with my purchases! My order was safely packed with air so they didn't get damaged or squashed! Thank you for such lovely bras and great service! Thank you so much for the free gift!
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