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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for brand handbag
thank you very much. great purchase. I am very satisfied. finally I got the bag that I need so much. very capacious. Totally good quality, there is a smell of glue, but it is nothing serious. it will pass with time. everything is gorgeous. thank you again. very very recommended item and seller!!! 5
The bag is just lovely, that's what I wanted to buy. Fully corresponds to the description of the seller. Everything is neatly packed, every detail in a protective film. The bag is very beautiful, and very high quality. Delivery is VERY FAST! Thank you very much for the seller!
Lovely bag which conveniently fits a wallet also made by Sendefn. I like the card slot as I can put in my train or bus card. It arrived much quicker than estimated. The quality is also very good.