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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for brooch 2018 blue
I love buying from this store. Each order is perfectly packed with no missing items - and never missing stones. Quality and service. Awesome fat owl is bigger than anticipated - brooch measures nearly 1.75 inches in height x 1.25 across. It has a barrel C style clasp. Body is a cats eye type stone while the eyes are big, midnite blue faceted CZs. Prompt shipping and perfect packing. I will buy from this store again (and again and again). Always a perfect buying experience.
Ok just when I was ready to give up on AliExpress you guys renewed my faith. These are absolutely stunning. STUNNING. My only "complaint" is that they included a free broach. That one is gorgeous too so now I need a second one lol. Of all the orders I've placed this is one of the best.
The blue colour is a a little more dull in person (in the picture I thought it looked a bit brighter and more mint?). It’s nice though. Pleased with all of them.
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