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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for brooch eye
I paid for DHL and all I can say is Super fast shipping to Italy , only 5 working days to arrive!!! the eyes looks perfect ! I can't wait to use them in my polymer clay owls! THANK YOU!
Hello, I received my brooches yesterday. They are made really well and they are very durable. Wonderful product and can't wait to wear them and will be ordering soon. Thank you!! Sincerely, Karen B.
I love buying from this store. Each order is perfectly packed with no missing items - and never missing stones. Quality and service. Awesome fat owl is bigger than anticipated - brooch measures nearly 1.75 inches in height x 1.25 across. It has a barrel C style clasp. Body is a cats eye type stone while the eyes are big, midnite blue faceted CZs. Prompt shipping and perfect packing. I will buy from this store again (and again and again). Always a perfect buying experience.
Thank you for very beautiful eyes and thanks for your gift. My order was shipped very quickly to Sweden. But in Sweden there was a very long wait for Sweden's Postnord did not ship the goods for 5 weeks because of VAT and fees even that I paid my VAT. The seller is very good. Thank you ❤️