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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for brooch with big stone
Absolutely delightful !!!! Magnificent,beautifully made.Gem is well secured and not a scratch in sight.This company Azora always has quality products.Very happy with my purchase and highly recommend this store and will happily purchase from you again thank you great job
Absolutely stunning.Very happy with my purchase cannot wait to buy more from your store,you have so many beautiful brooches.Thank you for your professionalism, great service rapid delivery and the beautiful box.The gems in this brooch just glisten in the light they are well secured and no scratches.Thank you
LOVELY !!! Beautifull , i lovet. The order came complete, right and perfect. Very well packed, and seller send me a gift, thanks. SUPER SUPER FAST shippment and delivery. I recomend this store they are very organized store, and the articles and the nice seller. 5***************************