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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for sikat cina
Thank-you I have received the calligraphy Chinese brush pen set in perfect condition and well packaged. I have never tried this type of pen, so I am very happy to have them & am looking forward to using them.
the brushes are luxirious and very good packed. Thats a very good set for beginners, I think I ve bought the set the second time at Ali express's -they don't loose hair and they are good at work. The hair of brushes is natural and mixed.
Very happy with my purchase. The brushes were well wrapped, the simple inkstone is a nice bonus, very convenient and just the right size. The brushes are all the same size and are good quality, they have a nice spring to them, just the right amount of spring for 'bai yun' brushes, and are fun to use. I will repurchase for friends for sure!