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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for brushless folding electric bike
Bike arrived in a solid box in perfect condidion. Product has good quality and I can recommend this ebike. Fits for my 188 cm!. After three month I will post my driving/ using expirience
Very funny to ride, great bike! only minor technical drawback is the handbar height isn't adjustable, making it somewhat uncomfortable for tall peope. However, it can be replaced with another, adjustable, system. On the administrative side, don't expect a true bill with VAT... so for getting it registered/insured, or getting a public aid for e-bike purchase, forget about it! EC conformity certificate seems total fantasy. Keep in mind this model's electric assistance isn't limited to 25km/hour (easily goes to 32 km/hour with electric assistance), and this fact, together with the accelerator system that allows it to ride even when no pressure is applied on the pedals, makes this type of bike on the verge of illegality in many places like in Europe. That being said, for the price, it looks like a very good deal. Now to see how it will perform on the long term!