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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for butterfly enamel pin
The rhinestone setting is on top of the oil drip wings - not inserted into the wings. Measures appx 1.75 inches across. Brooch has a barrel C pinback. Large order packed perfectly. No missing pieces and no missing stones. Very pleased with this seller. Will buy from again.
I love buying from this store. Each order is perfectly packed with no missing items - and never missing stones. Quality and service. Lovely butterfly brooch measures nearly 2 inches in width. It has a barrel C style clasp. The wings ate set with rhinestones and have plenty of sparkle. The wings are done in nicely shaded drip oil looking enamel. Prompt shipping and perfect packing. I will buy from this store again (and again and again). Always a perfect buying experience.
Giving 5 stars because the pin looks exactly as pictured, but tbh it looks slightly underwhelming in real life. Still, it seems to be good quality with some very nice detailing on the gold parts, again, as is depicted in the pictures in the listing. Transaction and shipping all went well.